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Hard Man Goes Soft


There is no sleeping on the job for former Tiger, Bomber and Hawk Barry Young. [...]

Hard Man Goes Soft2020-01-22T07:26:20+11:00

Linked by ‘Shear’ Talent


Former AFL champions Jim and Phil Krakouer and Nicky Winmar have strong family links to the wool industry. [...]

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‘Farmer’ a man of the land


A flag and then back to the farm for Blues star. West Australian Ross Ditchburn’s nickname was ‘Farmer’ [...]

‘Farmer’ a man of the land2020-01-22T07:26:20+11:00

A Country Kid at Heart


Hard-working Demon midfielder Bernie Vince is proud of his rural roots. Bernie Vince has attracted his fair [...]

A Country Kid at Heart2020-01-22T07:26:20+11:00